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Pentagonal Profile



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This unique string offers sensational “feel” and high friction with the ball whilst offering high durability due the increased contact area between mains & crosses with no notching. Without doubt this five sided profile is one of most popular strings in the market today.
Ideally for a full restring but also for the mains in a hybrid combination with a nylon or thinner co-poly in the crosses which works exceptionally well.
Recommended tension 10% less than a nylon and adjust accordingly to attain the optimum playability with subsequent restrings.
We have no expensive overheads, sponsoring, advertising or player endorsements which allows us to offer superb strings at excellent prices.
 All of our Strings are “Made in EUROPE” by the leading monofilament Tennis String manufacturer in Europe supplying many of the recognized household brands, in fact there is a distinct likelihood that you are already playing with their products such is their popularity.
Quality is the prime objective and this is adequately achieved on their “state-of-the-art” production lines and “in-house” laboratory testing during and post production.

Tension will be applied to strings based on our experience.
If you require a specific tension please add required tension (lbs) in the Order Notes box in Checkout

Tension Range – Tennis 40lbs to 70lbs