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Babolat Pro
Hurricane Tour


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Pro Hurricane Tour is used by Rafael Nadal.

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour is one of the leading textured Co-polymer monofilament strings.

Strings with power and the ultimate in strength.
Discover the ultimate string experience!
Spectacular effects! Maximum power and spin.

Babolat’s recommended maximum tension:
1.20mm 18: 28kg/62 lbs
1.25mm 17: 30kg/68 lbs
1.30mm 16: 30kg/68 lbs
1.35mm 15L: 30kg/68 lbs


Innovative octagonal structure for maximum spin


Excellent power and tension maintenance
Ideal for chronic string breakers

Tension will be applied to strings based on our experience.
If you require a specific tension please add required tension (lbs) in the Order Notes box in Checkout

Tension Range – Tennis 40lbs to 70lbs