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Microlegend XL


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Ashaway Microlegend XL is our premium badminton string. It is 0.73mm in diameter for enchanced durability. A microfilament core with MAX orientation of filaments supports higher tensions and minimises tension loss.

A fine guage performance string which with added XL fibres to increase durability and hold higher tensions for longer.

As you’d expect from a premium product the Microlegend XL has great plability and durability.

The string is contructed with Nylon Microfilaments and has many advantages including:

-8-10% thinner string for
greater power

-5,000 microfilament
construction for
optimum resiliency

-Superior tension-holding at
tournament level tensions

Tension will be applied to strings based on our experience.
If you require a specific tension please add required tension (lbs) in the Order Notes box in Checkout

Tension Range – Badminton 15lbs to 30lbs